Flowchart: Alternate Process: MARCH 2010Time: 3 Hours Max. Marks: 100



      Question 1 is compulsory and carries 28 marks. Answer any FOUR questions from the rest. Marks are indicated against each question.

      Parts of a question should be answered at the same place.



Q.1 (7 4)

a. Write short note on CORBA.


b. Discuss about the thread safe Servlet.


c. Discuss about the validation technique of XML.


d. What are the differences between TCP and UDP protocol?


e. What is the role of web server in internet?


f. What is proxy server? Why proxy server is useful in network?


g. What are the differences between java bean and EJB?

Q.2 a. What are internet / intranet firewall? Discuss different types of component of a firewall. (3+6)

b. Define socket with its type. Write a program for creating UDP server and its client. (2+7)


Q.3 a. What do you mean by well formed XML document? What are the Parsing techniques of XML. Discuss about them. (4+5)


b. Where does JavaScript fit into web documents? Create a HTML page and JavaScript script that include a form with three input fields. The relationship of the value of the fields is that the second field is twice the value of the first field, and the third field is the square of the first field. (2+7)


Q.4 a. What are the layers of RMI protocol? Define the role of each protocol layer. How RMI is related with CORBA? (6+3)


b. What is RMI registry? Create a client/server application using RMI. (2+7)

Q.5 a. Discuss about JDBC architecture? Define different type of ResultSet and Statement interfaces used in JDBC. (3+3+3)

b. How you can define a transaction in JDBC? Write a program for inserting a record in a table and update a record in other table. Both the queries will be executed in a single transaction. (3+6)

Q.6 a. Discuss different types of session management techniques? Create two Servlets, one for set cookies and another for get cookies. (3+3+3)


b. How JSP page translates into Servlet? Describe all standard Action Elements and all scripting element used in JSP. (3+3+3)

Q.7 a. What is EJB architecture? What is the roll of message driven bean in server side component architecture? (2+7)


b. What are the different types of properties of a java bean? Write a bean to set the background colour and size of swing frame. (3+6)