Time: 3 Hours Max. Marks: 100



      Question 1 is compulsory and carries 28 marks. Answer any FOUR questions from the rest. Marks are indicated against each question.

      Parts of a question should be answered at the same place.



Q.1 (7 x 4)

a. What are the differences between https and http.


b. Discuss the advantages of servlet over CGI.

c. What are the differences between web server and web services.


d. What are the differences between servlet and applet?


e. What is RPC? Write a short note on XML-based RPC.


f. Discuss about the different type of JDBC drivers.


g. Write short note on Virtual Private Network.


Q.2 a. Discuss about the limitations of UDP protocol. Write program for developing Date-Time server and client by using DatagramPacket and DatagramSocket class. (2+4+3)

b. Discuss the objectives of URL and URLConnection class of package. Write a program for downloading an image file from http server. (3+6)


Q.3 a. Discuss the objectives of JDBC. What are the advantages and disadvantages of type-4 driver over type-2 driver? (3+6)


b. Write a program for inserting an image into a database. Write a program for inserting a long text file into a database table. (4.5 *2)


Q.4 a. What do you mean by Context? Discuss about the objectives of ServletContext and AppletContext. (3+3+3)


b. Write a servlet program for reading initial parameters from web.xml file. (9)


Q.5 a. What do you mean by distributed computing? What are the technologies available for developing distributed computing environment? Discuss about the object Marselling and unmarselling. (3+3+3)

b. Design a RMI Server program for handling credit card operation. (6+3)


Q.6 a. What is EJB? How many different type of EJB components are available? Discuss the life cycle of Statefull session bean. (2+4+3)


b. Write a Simple bean component which has three properties length, width and height. Write a program for accessing the properties of the bean. (4+5)

Q.7 a. What is implicit object? Discuss about them. (2+7)


b. What do you mean by user defined tag library? Write necessary steps for tag library development in JSP. Write an example user defined tag library. (2+4+3)