The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers ( IETE ), Ambala Cantt . Centre launched the IETE Diamond Jubilee Celebrations . Dr. Anil Jain, Chairman , IETE, Ambala announced that during this Diamond Jubilee Year Celebrations in Haryana, 60 new IETE members will be inducted , a National Seminar on Sensors will be organized in collaboration with universities and national research laboratories, a training programme for the defence personnel in Ambala and ten instruction manuals for the Electronic Teaching Aids and Experiments will be written . IETE is a strong professional body of 73000 electronics and telecommunication engineers in India and is a recognized by the Ministry of Human Resource Development  to grant Engineering Degrees to working professionals.


The Diamond Jubilee Celebrations were launched  here  by Dr. Surendra Pal, the President of the IETE Headquarters who is an eminent Space Scientist and Distinguished Satish Dhawan Professor at the ISRO Satellite Centre , Bangalore. He  inaugurated an exposition of scientific and electronics instruments . Then  Dr. Surendra Pal delivered 23rd Gian Chand Jain Memorial Lecture on the topic ,” Perspective in Space Communication – the Indian Paradigm “. Speaking on the occasion Dr. Surendra Pal said    that communication is an inherent quality of every living being, but the ability to communicate and integrate the intelligence and information available around, is the greatest boon, which mankind has got over others in the animal kingdom.

        The word Communication comes from latin word, “communico” meaning  share.  Communication has been responsible for bringing the world together and thereby the term “Global Village” has become popular.  We are in a situation where GLOBE is shrinking and UNIVERSE is expanding.  The present day era is called the Information Technology, era which is the combination of Information and Communication, where computers and coding are tools.  In the past one decade,  persons and institutions have been progressively unsettled by the rapid pace of social and technological changes brought about by Communication. He emphasized the importance of communication, impact of the new incarnation of Mass Communication the Internet and World Wide Web.  Technological evolution in the arena of Communication is so fast that majority of the users are unable to keep track of it.  Space Communication has  revolutionalised  the Conventional  means of communication since early 70’s.  The Cellular Communication has emerged in the last 20 years and merger of all these Technologies is fuelling 4G, LTE and LTE Advance. Dr. Surendra Pal talked   about the  Indian Space Programme in great detail and told that the Indian scientists have put India amongst the top five nations in the world who can launch their own communication satellites in space and are soon going to launch the Indian Manned Space Mission to Moon in  2014 .

Later on Mr. R.K.Gupta , Chairman , IETE Diamond Jubilee Celebrations explained in great detail that IETE has now more than 15000 students working in various companies and pursuing engineering and diploma level programmes while in job. Mr. Gupta exhorted all the IETE members to make the Diamond Jubilee Year a Memorable Year for India.

The IETE , Ambala felicitated Dr. Pawan Kapur, Director , Central Scientific Instruments Oraganization (CSIO ), Chandigarh for his Life Time Mentorial Contributions on the occasion. Dr. Kapur was honoured on behalf of IETE Ambala by Dr. Surendra Pal.

Large number of students from  engineering colleges, CSIO , Chandigarh , universities and Ambala industry participated in the programme.