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The IETE is the National Apex Professional body of Electronics and Telecommunication, Computer and IT Professionals. The IETE focuses on advancement of the Science and Technology of Electronics, Telecommunication, Computers, Information Technology and related areas. Towards this end the Institution promotes and conducts basic engineering and continuing technical education programmes for human resource development.

The IETE conducts both the Graduateship (AMIETE) Examination in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering and Information Technology streams and Diploma (DIPIETE) Examination in Electronics &Telecommunication and Computer Science & Engineering streams. A pass in AMIETE Examination is recognised by Government of India for the purposes of recruitment to superior posts and services under the Central Government while a pass in Diploma Level (DIPIETE) Examination is recognised by the Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India for the purpose of employment to posts & services under the Central Government in the appropriate field.

The IETE also conducts postgraduate level course ALCCS (Advanced Level Course in Computer Science) which is also recognised by the Ministry of HRD, Government of India, as equivalent to M. Tech in Computer Science for the appointment to superior posts & services under the Central Government.

ALCCS Re-evaluation Result of Aug 2014 Exams

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  For current syllabus, subject code starts from 51. For new syllabus, subject code starts from 101 for all streams of AMIETE and DipIETE.
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