IETE has been engaged in bringing out publications ever since its inception in 1953. At present IETE publishes journals, books, conference proceedings etc targeted at specific readership.

  IETE International Journal in 'Advancements in Telecommunications'
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Online submission and review of articles for IETE Journals are available at the following links :

IETE Journal of Research (

Bimonthly; features research / academic oriented papers based on original work and technology reviews on emerging topics.


IETE Technical Review ( )

Bimonthly; features design / development oriented papers and state-of-the-art reviews of topical interest.


IETE Journal of Education (

Bi-annually;a supplementary resource to the students for preparing for their qualifying examinations and broadening their understanding of concepts.


IETE Newsletter

Four monthly; covers IETE news on events, symposiums, seminars, workshops, lectures and other activities of the Institution from all over India for corporate members.






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