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IETE Book Series

The IETE is bringing out a series of volumes for updating the knowledge of professionals in the field of Electronics & Telecommunication in collaboration with Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company. These books are available with leading distributors or directly from M/s Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Co, 7 West Patel Nagar , New Delhi 110 008. Few copies are available at the IETE HQ at discounted rates for members.



Edited by : G K Dubey & C Rao Kasarabada; 

The book covers Trends in Semi-conductor Devices & Converters, DC-DC,AC-DC Converters, Inverters, Drives and Pulsewidth Modulation Technique.

ISBN 0-07-462161-0; pp. 495 + xii; List Price: Rs 330/; Member Price: Rs 275/-; @1993 Tata McGraw Hill,New Delhi.


Edited by V U Reddy & Surendra Prasad; 

The book is organised into four parts: Digital Filter Design, Adaptive, Filtering and Modelling, DOA and Spectrum Estimation and Speech Processing.

ISBN 0-07-462493-8 pp.396 + xii List Price: Rs. 350/- ; Member Price: Rs. 235/-; @ 1994 Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi.


Edited by : W S Khokle & M J Zarabi; 

A wide range of subjects including design and fabrication of ICs, VLSI, CMOS circuits, BiCMOS circuits and their technology are covered in this work

ISBN 0-07-462199-8; pp. 411 + xvi List Price: 320/-; Member Price: 260/-; @ 1994; Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi.


Edited by : G K Dev

The book covers EMI/EMC effects, EMI coupling and control methodology, EMC guidelines and their implementation, theoretical analysis of EMI estimation and EMC management of EMI  in electronic equipments.

ISBN ;  0-07-462071-1 PP. 590 + xvi, List Price : Rs. 450/-, Member Price : Rs. 256/-, 1996 Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi


Edited by : A Selvarajan & Krishna Shenai, 

This book discusses Materials and Devices, Optical Fiber communication Systems, and Optoelectronic Systems through fifteen state-of-the-art chapters contributed by eminent scientists from all over the world.

ISBN 0-07-462455-5;pp 281 + xii; List Price 360/-; Member Price 256/-; @ 1995 Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi.

Vol - VI Microwave and Millimeter Wave Semiconductor Materials Technology

Edited by :  S Ahmad, CEERI, Pilani.

This book covers material growth of semi-conductors used in fabricating devices for microwave and millimeter wave frequencies. Material characteristics specific to microwave and millimeter wave device fabrication have also been described in brief, to make the reader familiar with technological problems to be faced subsequently. Various technological issues related to semiconductor material growth have been addressed, which are of direct interest to device fabricators.
Lucidly illustrated, the author has kept mathematical rigour in treatment of the subject to the minimum. An absolute must for microwave and millimeter wave device engineers, a valuable reference for R&D work.

ISBN 0-07-463098-9;pp 174 + xii :List Price :Rs290 /-; Member Price 260 /-


Vol - VII Transmission Lines and Networks

Edited by V Ramachandaran, K Shankar and R K Shevgaonkar; 

This monograph is intended to serve as a text book on Transmission Lines for undergraduate engineering students and as reference book for other interested readers. The subject has been treated expertly, its tutorial value enhanced with generous inclusion of numerical examples.

ISBN 0-07-463832-7; pp xvii+183;List Price 160/-; Member Price 125/-.


IETE-NBT Book Series
(For Popularization of Electronics)
  Robot & Robotics by M R Chidambara,

The IETE is collaborating with the National Book Trust for bringing out titles for popularizing electronics among non-technical people and also as a supplementary to school children's reading habits, First in this series is 

 ISBN 81-237-0914-5 pp 74 + ix Price Rs. 24/-.