CT32 Computer Networks



  1. Introduction: services and architecture 03


            Evolutions of Network Architecture and services

            Protocols, Services and Layering

            OSI Reference Model

            TCP/IP Architecture

            Application Layer Protocols


  1. Digital transmission fundamentals 06


            Properties of Analog and Digital Communication

            Digital representation of analog signals

            Characterization communication channel

            Limits in digital transmission

            Analog and digital modulation

            Encoding Schemes

            Error Detection and Correction


  1. Data link controls 04


            Peer-to-peer protocols and service models

            ARQ Protocols

            Point-to-Point Protocol

            HDLC Protocol


  1. Medium access Control Protocols and LAN 10


            Multiple access communication

            Random access protocols

            Scheduling based protocols


            Delay Performance of MAC and Channelization schemes

            LAN protocols

            IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.5, IEEE 802.11, and FDDI

            LAN Bridges and Ethernet Switches


5.      Switched Networks 06


            Multiplexing and Circuit Switches

            Packet switched network

            Datagram and virtual circuit

            Routing in Packet Networks

            Shortest path routing

            Packet level Traffic management


  1. Queuing Model 05


            Data Traffic characteristics: Poisson Process

            Birth-Death Processes: Markov Chain Model

            M/M/1 Queues: Lttles Formula

            M/M/m queues: Average queue length, waiting time and blocking probability


  1. TCP/IP architecture 04


            Internet Protocol

            Internet routing

            User datagram protocol

            Transmission control protocol


  1. Security and Applications 04


            Private key and Public key cryptography

            DES and RSA algorithms

            Overview of SMTP, FTP and SNMP



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