It is probably difficult to identify an academic discipline that is more intensely dynamic, fact-paced profound and revolutionary than information Technology(IT).  The sphere of influence of IT is vast and ever expending, as it effortlessly eliminates the barriers of time and space and has a far-reaching impact on the way we receive processes, and share knowledge and information.  The purpose of this course is to provide an  up-to-date, multifaceted and exciting view of the world of information systems.  It would accentuate the relevance and contribution of IS not only to the growth and success of business but also to our personal lives.


Structure                                                                                                      3 hours per week


Module I


W1       Information Systems: an overview Systems Approach

W2       Organization & Management issues & Challenges of IS

W3       Strategic Information Systems Information, Management & DM Group Decisions

W4       Concepts of Information, Information quality & value

W5       IT Survey: computers & IS Software


Module II


W-6      Managing data resources Communication and collaborative works

W-7      Networks & e-commerce E-commerce for competitive Advantage

W-8      Users Interface Corporate Information architecture & IS Planning

W-9      Systems building methods IS implementation & evaluation

W-10    Systems control & data security Business Process Reengg.


Module III


W-11    Organizational support systems (DSS & EIS) Group Decisions & GroupWares

W-12    Group Decisions tools, idea Engineering & ISM Analytic Hierarchy Process

W-13    Intelligent Support Systems Managing International IS

W-14    Ethical issues & Social Future trends Implications





1.             Information Technology for Management, Turban et al (Wiley)

2.             Management Information System, Laudon & Laudon,(Pearson Education)

3.             Management Information System,James O’Biren(TMH)

4.             Management Information System, Post & Anderson(TMH)

5.             Management Information System, Schultheis & Sumner(TMH)