CT76                                  Microelectronics and VLSI Design




Review of Digital Systems                                                                           (1 hrs)


 Introduction to VLSI design:  Fundamentals of transistors : BJT &  FET  ( 1 hrs)


Introduction to MOS Circuits:  NMOS, PMOS, CMOS, and BiCMOS devices, GaAs technology                                                                                         (1 hrs)


Fabrication and Processing Technology

Crystal growth                                                                                              (1 hrs)


Wafer preparation                                                                                         (1 hrs)


Epitaxial growth                                                                                            (1 hrs)


Oxidation                                                                                                      (1 hrs)


Photo-lithography                                                                                         (1 hrs)


Diffusion                                                                                                       (1 hrs)


Ion-Implementation                                                                                       (1 hrs)


 Metallization                                                                                                (1 hrs)



MOS Transistor theory, V-I characteristics                                                   (2 hrs)


Design and detailed analysis of MOS inverters, enhancement load, and depletion load                                                                                                              (2 hrs)


CMOS inverter, delay and power analysis                                                   (2 hrs)


Design layout of simple CMOS gates                                                          (2 hrs.)


Operational amplifier design (OPAMP)                                                        (1 hrs)


Differential amplifier and Analog filters.                                                       (1 hrs)


Circuit implementation of combinational and sequential circuits                 (3 hrs)


Memory system design                                                                               (2 hrs)


Low-Power CMOS Logic Circuits                                                                (1 hrs)



System simulation using HDL, specification of VHDL, constructs, behavioral, structural, data flow, description.                                                                (4 hrs)


Performance Estimation

Transistor Physics – Accumulation, Depletion, Inversion                          (1 hrs)


Threshold Voltage, V-I Characteristics, Body Effect, Noise Margin, Latch-up Resistance, Switching Characteristics, Power Consumption; Yield          (3 hrs)        


Scaling of MOS Transistor Dimensions.                                                    (2 hrs)                                                                                            


Digital logic design- optimization of combinational logic, synchronous sequential logic design- Mealy & Moore machine.                                                      (3 hrs)


Basics of VLSI Testing process and Fault Modeling                                 (1 hrs)


Future trends

Introduction to System on a Chip. Trends in VLSI technology.                  (1 hrs)



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